For the release of David Thomas X, we’ve chosen to collaborate with three very different partners, all with expertise in their fields, and an attention to perfection and style that blends well with David’s interpretive design elements, adaptations, and modifications.
First up is renowned street artist Kid Zoom (AKA installation artist Ian Strange), dubbed by Ron English as “Rembrandt With a Spray Can”. Kid Zoom’s signature ‘X’ , often seen in his works, was incorporated as a motif in knitwear, cashmere and in the linings of the outerwear and suiting.
For the outerwear, we’ve teamed up with American heritage brand Golden Bear, founded in San Francisco in 1922. Arguably responsible for the popularization of the letterman jacket, they are renowned for their high quality product, made at their factory in Northern California.
For suiting, we've partnered with Canadian family owned business Jack Victor. Founded in 1933, the brand is known for the highest standards and superior value using the very best fabrics and materials produced exclusively in Montreal.